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Mine Out for iPhone and iPod

Mine Out the retro arcade mining experience with pigs and pickaxes only on iPhone and iPod! Dig deep into the ground with this mix of mining, digging, and a mine cart as a paddle. Blast through level after level of this fast paced explosive arcade mining adventure!

  • Shovels and Pickaxes
  • Mine cart as a paddle
  • Dig up SHROOMS
  • Multiple brick and dirt blocks
  • Bounce Pigs and Mine Blocks
  • 100% indie for decades

BandB HD Screen Shot

Brigands and Barbarians HD for iPad

Brigands and Barbarians HD is here for iPad!!! Expanded to give you a choice of five avatars and all new JRPG style combat!

Dynamic Adventures and Brigands and Barbarians HD were featured on the excellent Quest Update! Podcast so click and enjoy episode 15 Dynamic iPad Barbarians also on iTunes.

"Brigands and Barbarians HD is quite a good JRPG as there are lots to discover in the kingdom of Charedon." --

BandB HD Screen Shot

Brigands and Barbarians HD is the RPG that bring dragons, treasure, and old-school adventure to your iPad! Choose from five avatars including Barbarian, Brigands, Archer, Wizard, or Sorceress. Defeat the evil goblins, elementals, and dragons as you cleanse the lands of Charedon of their evil stench!
  • Five playable Avatars
  • Hunting Dogs, Hawk, and War Horses
  • Gazers, Goblins, Dragons and more
  • Castings, Ranged, Melee, Avatar Powers
  • Huge fantasy map of Charedon
  • New combat system in the style of JRPGs
  • No Avatar Profession restrictions on weapons or armor

Brigands and Barbarians for iPhone

Brigands and Barbarians is the RPG that let's you tap your way to treasure and old-school adventure! Choose from four avatars including Barbarians, Brigands, Archer, and Sorceress. Defeat the evil goblins and dragons as you cleanse the lands of Charedon of their evil stench!

Only you through the power of your nimble fingers can save this land. Only your quick touch can slay the mighty dragon! Wait no more and dare to enter this land of adventure!

BandB Screenshot


ZenHak XNA - Indie Games

Look for Version 2.1 it is up! The description has Version 2.1 in it. Also the file size is 57 megs. You have to delete your old version and download the new one. ZenHak is part of the XNA movement!

ZenHak features RPG action, mini games, and more on your X-Box 360. ZenHak has been approved as a XBox 360 Community Game on March 11th, 2009! Get ZenHak at the Marketplace.

All you know is haking night and day to pay the rent in your Mega Condo. What life is like outside the city state you live in is not your concern for now... Dig, hak, and drill for the data no matter how long you have to stay jacked in and up, you gotta live and this beats the alternatives.

ZenHak Startup Screen

Startup Screen and Controls

ZenHak Mini Hak

Hak Mini Game (Data Mining)

ZenHak Mini Repartee

Hak Repartee Mini Game

ZenHak Gameplay Help

ZenHak - Gameplay

Getting Started: you are a haker stuck in your apartment. So you use your computer (move the cursor over it and press A or use the left button to cycle through your choices and right button to choose it). Now you are in the haking game, it is inspired by the casino game Craps. Place bots (bets) using the A button put a couple on the firewall and a couple on the Black Ice and then press the Hak button (lower right, use the Y button to get there quick)..

If you Hak the Firewall your bots will be placed in a data vault. If you fail place more bots on the Firewall. Once the Firewall is down you can place center bots and OptiCache bots.

Ultimate Wii Mote PC Velcro Battle

What do Velcro and Bluetooth have in common? You need them to make Ultimate Wii Velcro Battle. Before you take another step, you must know that you proceed at your own risk. Wii remotes are dangerous enough but when you combine it with velcro and a punching bag anything can happen. Not for use around pets or children and wear protective eye wear. You may break your Wii Remote. Still with me, check with a physician before starting any exercise program. Still here, proceed if you dare... Begin buying the items below:

Yep, it's a Wii Remote attached to a punching bag using velcro. It doesn't get any better than that. I like to attach the fuzzy side of the velcro to the Wii Remote and you need to make sure you can still get in to change the batteries. Attach the remote to the top of the bag, it should be at an angle to the front of the bag. Click here for program download and more pics!

Top of Bag and Wii Mote

Zenfar Battle Grounds

Zenfar, The Adventure Begins Your adventure takes place on an alien plane in a sea of Aether known as the GigaDim. Long ago, the plane was populated by a race of simple humanoids: the dwellers. These primitive peoples lived deep in the safety of natural caves that dotted the mountain ranges of their world. When, in the fullness of time, they began to develop shelters above ground, an alien race far superior to them drove them once again into the ground...more

Zenfar ][

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